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Online Group Sessions

Do you want to learn to meditate? Come join a monthly online meditation group. We will explore different styles of meditation and practise them during the session. 


Group meditation sessions take place in an online forum and all the required information will be sent to you once you sign up.

Online Courses

Join the online
meditation group


Corporate Meditation Classes

It is not just an individual who benefits from practising meditation, there are also benefits for a company.

A daily meditation practice has been shown to enable individuals to manage increasing work flow and react better to change. This in turn can also have a positive impact on the bottom line for a company. It is not an instant fix and doesn't work as quickly as taking a headache tablet. Most research studies report that 6 to 8 weeks are necessary for changes to be seen or felt by an individual.

Invite your Team

Team meditation classes
(because sitting under a tree
is not always practical)

Speaking Events

Speaking Events

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